Unlocking Your Inherent Creativity


PURPOSE    To empower people to thrive in their inherent creativity.
MISSION     Facilitating opportunities for creative development, innovation and wellbeing.
SERVICES    Education, workshops, mentoring and events across communities and business.

•   We give people the freedom to discover and develop their inherent creativity
•   We provide a safe environment and guidance for people to nurture their creative wellbeing
•   We design and facilitate programs that supports and empowers people to thrive in who they are
•   We support emerging creatives who wish to pursue a career in the creative industry
•   We create opportunities for creatives to connect and collaborate within our community and beyond


Laura Cavallo - Chair
Glenda Chi - Director
Frances Rodrigo - Acting Secretary and Internship 
Eugene Wong - Community Development


Glenda Chi - Purpose Coach
Mandi Ashcroft - Intentional Creative Living
Eugene Wong - Identity & Story Coach 
Anna Taylor - Visual Arts Facilitator
Alex Gray - Dance & Movement Facilitator
Kylie Mouat - Creative Coach
Gabby Willmott - Visual Arts Facilitator
John Englezos - Speaker Coach
Cameron Semmens - Writing & Poetry Facilitator
Miriam Dale - Poetry Facilitator
Lou Endicott - Watercolour & Doodling Art Facilitator
Denver Pereira - Cartoon, Painting & Drawing Facilitator
Lia Estate - Visual Arts Facilitator
Kathryn Nest - Creative Mindfulness Facilitator
Lara Copper - Portrait & Painting Facilitator (online)