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Letters to Our Community

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The Gift of Waiting

from Glenda Chi

We seldom talk about patience and what to do while we wait. Our default is to complain and blame someone for causing the wait. What if we could turn our 'seemingly wasteful' wait times into purposeful times? What if we used this time to take back control of our time? What if we used these times to create, celebrate and become the people we aspire to be?

10 Ways to Nourish Our Souls

from Glenda Chi

We creative humans are some of the most resilient people on the planet. We know what it is like to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep going. We know how to deal with failure, rejection and no-shows. How? We create. I believe that creating is key, but this time not just for the sake of art. To remain resilient in this struggling season, we must remember to CREATE time and space for ourselves. Let me explain.

When Will My Enough, Ever Be Enough?

from Glenda Chi

As creatives, we are familiar with vulnerability. It is one of the key elements in the creative process. When we speak of vulnerability, we know that it is about having the courage to do 3 main things: 1. To be yourself, 2. To speak your truth, 3. To show up to be seen. But what if that isn't enough? What if MY ENOUGH... isn't enough?

Clarifying Our Values

from Glenda Chi

We all have values and values are instilled in us from the environment we’ve grown up in or what we’ve established within ourselves as we become who we are today. So when it comes to families, most of us aim to raise our kids according to our values, because it is what makes us who we are. And it should be no different in the workplace.

How Do We Plan for 2021?

from Glenda Chi

For many years my husband Tim and I planned things and they don't seem to really happen. It's strange, considering we frequently plan and strategise for work and have achieved our goals. You'd think we'd have no problems with this. I mean, we love spending time together and we have tonnes of fun. But we sucked at planning as a family. Here's why.

How Do We Recover?

from Glenda Chi

In this season, we are not only focusing on art-making. Our 3 priorities for 2021 are WELLBEING, CONNECTION & CREATIVITY. With an increased focus on wellbeing, we are planning to offer tools to help manage our creative wellbeing, so we can remain resilient as we face whatever the future brings.

Light the World

from Glenda Chi

2020 has proven to be one of the toughest years for many of us, and we are exhausted. I can't even begin to fathom the impact of what this year has had on us as we continue to struggle out of it. However, I've learned that even as I struggle, I still carry a light.

Don't Turn Away

from Oliver Jach

Human life can be cruel and upsetting. We can work for years on something only to find it blow up in our faces, all those years of hard work down the drain. We can fall in love only to lose that lover, discover a new best friend only to lose that best friend. We can set up a career only for that career to become unviable. When life seems cruel to us, it is tempting to turn away from the world, to fall out of love with the world, to become an enemy of the world even.

Finding Meaning

from Carolyn Ee

I’m writing to say I hear you and see you. I can tell you’re struggling. I’d like to tell you a little story about a man called Victor Frankl. He was born a long time ago, and became a psychiatrist. When he 37 years old he was sent to various Nazi concentration camp for three years. During this time he lost his parents, his wife, and his brother.

Preparing to Recover & Rebuild

from Glenda Chi

It's been nearly 10 weeks since we began living life in isolation. As we enter into the next phase of easing restrictions, we would like to check in with you to see how you are doing. We understand that although we might be facing the same storm, we are not all in the same boat. We wish to acknowledge that each of our experiences and struggles is different and that they are all valid.

A Moment of Beginning

from Chien Yu Yeh

Lying still, the morning sun creeps in gently, He pours his warmth on to the bed, He opens his heart to share his day....

A Wide Spectrum of Mothering

from Glenda Chi

Mother's Day isn't just for those who have children. It is a day to stop and be grateful for those who have loved us in a way that love was meant to be given. So in the spirit of LOVE, I would like to thank you for how you have cared, nurtured, gave and shared with those around you, defending the defenceless, sitting with the brokenhearted and listening with your heart.

There Came a Time

from Anna Taylor

There came a time when I saw the fine lines on my face and liked them, There came a time when I smiled with joy, showing these lines, Following the time I’d smiled to make myself feel better...

Passing Time

from John Englezos

It’s usually not the comforts but the pains that urge us to look within. Sometimes we need contrast to show us who we want to be. Often the greatest losses precede the greatest transformations. What we are experiencing now is collective trauma coming up to the surface. Wounds that have never seen the Light.

Let There Be Light

from Inés Hemmings

It’s usually not the comforts but the pains that urge us to look within. Sometimes we need contrast to show us who we want to be. Often the greatest losses precede the greatest transformations. What we are experiencing now is collective trauma coming up to the surface. Wounds that have never seen the Light.

How to Keep Shining

from Glenda Chi

Even through hard times, I believe that the light we carry inside of us is still shining through. We just need to know how to keep shining. Here are 3 steps for us to keep shining

If The World Were Upside Down

by John Englezos

I wrote and performed this a little while back but it's one of the things that I feel artists do best - they ask "What if?" May whatever comes of that surprise and delight you.

Find Light

from Chien Yu Yeh

In this moment in time we share an experience stretching us emotionally and mentally. Wondering where to put our fears and our uncertainties as we loose ground. Adjusting to a lock down feeling contracted. I would like to invite you to reveal your feelings as they are.

A Poem for the Ages

from Fiona M Prendergast

Even the night sky has stars, I hold this image in my heart and allow hope to bloom It brings to us what is important in life family/friends

What If

from Anna Taylor

Today is a day of peace. What do I mean by this? I'm unsure actually. Once again, connecting with others in new ways. An AA meeting via zoom this morning. My writing group also via zoom. I wrote this piece during our group. Today is also strange. I miss human contact hugely. It is, it would seem, about adapting in this new order.

We are in this Together

from Glenda Chi

I hope you are taking care of your inner world, as the world out there is in chaos. Our immediate future may be uncertain, but I can assure you that ‘this too shall pass’. My friend, lay your burden down even for a moment and take a rest in hope. We are in this TOGETHER. I would like to share how we can support each other as we face the next few months. I have met with the Made to Create executive team and below is what we will be implementing.

Response to Covid-19

from Glenda Chi

The aim for our gatherings has always been so that creatives can have a place to connect, belong and grow. This will not change. It is time for us to think beyond the conventional and innovate. We are now forced to think creatively and reframe this crisis situation to see it as an opportunity. We have the opportunity to implement what we have learnt about creating art to help us through our challenges. Let's look for possibilities that can give us hope and increase our will to go on.